PUSH believes that the interpretation of special site signatures yields innovative and interactive designed environments. By pushing the envelope with this exploratory design process, our clients are guaranteed projects that are sustainable at human, artistic and functional levels. PUSH is an interdisciplinary studio that values the unique needs of clients and the characteristics of project sites. PUSH studio is comprised of individuals trained and experienced in landscape architecture, urban design and architecture. Our leadership model at all levels of design and project management advances team building through a shared understanding of conceptual intent for each project. We inspire our clients and project team members to think ‘outside the box’ and freely exchange ideas. PUSH delivers designed environments that are sculptural in form and texture as well as distinctly spatial in experience. In every project we strive to reveal unique site character, inspire creative collaboration, and shape spaces responsive to environments.


Glenn LaRue Smith

Glenn LaRue Smith has built an urbanism career inspired by the intersection of landscape and architecture.  In thirty-five years of private, public and academic practice he has focused on the ‘city’ as a cultural and artistic medium for practice.  As an application of this passion, he has participated in urban design workshops and been an invited juror on urban design competitions in major American cities.  Smith has over the years developed a unique design methodology that utilizes the interpretation of place specific imagery to develop highly unique and sculptural form.
Smith brings extensive management and leadership experience to PUSH studio based on prior roles as Acting Deputy Director of the Prince George’s County, Maryland Redevelopment Authority and academic chairmanships at Florida A&M University and Morgan State University.
Smith received a Masters of Landscape Architecture (MLA) from The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and a Bachelors of Landscape Architecture (BLA) from Mississippi State University.  He has served as President of the New York Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects and is a Harvard Graduate School of Design Loeb Fellow.

Vinson J. Camacho

Vinson J. Camacho enhances the PUSH studio services with over 14 years of private practice experience in architecture and urban design.  He has a passion for interdisciplinary design efforts, focusing on the ‘multi-layered city’ as a place specific methodology for urban practice.  
Camacho is inspired by the layered cultural, social, environmental and economic issues that construct the modern city and offers the opportunity to craft visionary urban form.  He is invested in the idea of cultural form as a means of creating a more human and interactive urban environments at all scales.  
Camacho earned a Master of Architecture (MARCH) from the Catholic University of America-Washington, DC and a Bachelor of Design in Architecture (BDes Arch.) from the University of Florida-Gainesville.  He is a 2016 Washington, DC alumni of the Christopher Kelley Leadership Development Program. Camacho regularly volunteers for the Architecture in the Schools program held every through AIA-DC and the Washington Architectural Foundation.  He is a leader within the PUSH studio urban design and digital media brand.