Vinson J. Camacho

Vinson J. CamachoSTUDIO

Vinson J. Camacho enhances the PUSH studio services with over 14 years of private practice experience in architecture and urban design. He has a passion for interdisciplinary design efforts, focusing on the ‘multi-layered city’ as a place specific methodology for urban practice.  Camacho is inspired by the layered cultural, social, environmental and economic issues that construct the modern city and offers the opportunity to craft visionary urban form. He is invested in the idea of cultural form as a means of creating a more human and interactive urban environments at all scales.

Camacho earned a Master of Architecture (MARCH) from the Catholic University of America-Washington, DC and a Bachelor of Design and Architecture (BDES) from the University of Florida-Gainesville. He is a leader within the PUSH studio urban design and digital media brand.